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16"x18" 1/8" Tempered glass with a hand finished, patent pending surface designed with improved compatibility in mind.

The surfacing on the gliPAD lends itself to a smooth tracking experience, with a focus on having synergistic force to motion response. The gliPAD enables smooth, precise tracking at slow speeds - quick adjustments, and reactivity at higher speeds. All without sacrificing a controlled resistance.

"Hands-down the best mousepad I have ever used. There's no way I can ever go back to cloth."

 "Ok I can't believe how f***ing good this mousepad is,
like holy s*** dude"

"It has a nice feeling, I like that it has a consistent friction regardless of motion or being at rest"

"If you are not using a glipad, might as well cover your mousepad in mud" 

 Pad and Process are patent pending
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